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FRB – Farming is Risky Business

Our flagship course introduces beginning producers to fundamental risk and risk management concepts; participants also learn about a range of risk management strategies and tools, including Federal crop insurance programs administered by the USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA).

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PARP – Personal Ag Risk Profile

Our PARP course helps farmers and ranchers gain a better understanding of their risk preferences and biases. The course is centered around an online diagnostic tool that assesses a user’s responses to develop a Personal Ag Risk Profile.

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YCF – You CAN Farm (or Ranch)

Many beginning producers wonder if their operation can ever be big enough to justify the blood, sweat, and tears that come with farming and ranching. Others view the barriers to entry as overwhelming. Our YCF course documents how you CAN build a successful farm or ranch, even if you don’t have a family operation as a starting point.

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