An Easy, Non-Ag Example

Americans are known throughout the world for their love of not only the open road, but also their cars and trucks.

1979 Chevrolet Corvette

Driving is, of course, a risky activity, because there is a chance of something bad happening. However, specific driver actions can reduce (or increase) the chance of being involved in a collision. Maybe you can think of some specific vehicle features or driver actions that help us to do a good job of driving, so that we don’t have a costly collision.

Question: What are some tools or actions that help drivers to avoid having collisions?

1998 Dodge Ram, probably owned by a 19 year old with very little else going on in his life.

Of course, even if we do everything perfectly as a driver, we could still be involved in a collision. The problem lies in all of the hazards outside of our control, including other drivers, animals, weather, road conditions, and mechanical failures. Because we cannot completely avoid collisions, we have a wide range of tools that help to minimize the effects of the collision. These items make collisions more survivable and/or less costly.

Question: What are some things that exist only to minimize the effects of collisions?

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