Legacy – FARM-101-02, Introduction to Risk

In Lesson 2, Introduction to Risk, you will think and learn about a word you probably use quite often and yet may have trouble defining: Risk.
(Time < 15 min)

Farmers Market - Tennessee
Farmers Market – Tennessee

In exploring the topics below, you will certainly learn to define the word risk. And, you will also gain a better understanding of risk, especially as it pertains to the challenges of production agriculture.

What is Risk?

Please take a couple of minutes to watch the following video to kick off your thinking about risk, especially as it relates to agriculture.

Production agriculture is often considered to be a particularly risky industry, so a good understanding of risk is essential for success as a farmer or rancher.

Peaches - Indiana
Peaches – Indiana

Remember, risk is defined as a chance of something bad happening. Also, as another point to consider, for something to be risky, there must be a chance of both bad and good.

Chance and Bad – golfing at Big Sky in Montana
Chance and Bad – a tough day for this professional baseball player